Little Miss Kenzie

Meet Kenzie! I had so much fun capturing Kenzie's energy on the day of our session. She ran, still a little bit clumsily, chased some sticks, played with a ball, sat in a wheelbarrow and was even brave enough to meet a horse. Kenzie's owners were hoping her ears would be straight up for the shoot, and they were the day before, but the ears decided not to cooperate that day--although I think they look

Jane & Snap

We lucked out with the weather for Jane and Snap's session--it was a gorgeous fall day with lots of great colours! Snap wasn't so sure about being a model, but once we got going he began to prick his ears and become more interested in my camera. I hope you enjoy the photos! --Cassidy  

Gillian & Pets!

This was such a fun session with Gillian and her many lovely animals! Jasper, her dog, is a rescue from the SPCA who she's had since he was a puppy. He decided he didn't want to pose sitting on the log with his mum so instead he played peek-a-boo and kept coming around the other side to poke his head out beside Gill. Hilarious. Gill's horse Astro is an off the track Thoroughbred who she

Ashleigh, Mojo & Air Ride

I recently did a shoot with Ashleigh Charity before she moved to Calgary to continue her coaching and riding career. We lucked out with the weather and snuck the shoot in before the skies turned to black clouds. We had a great time roaming around the grounds at NewView Stables with her adorable Puggle, Mojo, and her gorgeous new horse, Air Ride, who was a perfect model.? He even had some fun with the tire

Lyndi & Pups

Lyndi and I spent a really fun September evening at the Gorge park (which I didn't even know existed before she suggested we go there with the dogs--I've lived in Victoria for 7 years now and still I'm discovering amazing new spots in this gorgeous city!) Her two dogs, Jackson and Bailey, were having way too much fun playing frisbee, going swimming, tumbling around on the beach and even paddle boarding! I was so excited