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2021 In Review–Personal Work

River continued to grow like crazy over the year and turned one at the end of March. While we weren’t able to have a party due to pandemic restrictions, we celebrated as a family and she enjoyed her first cake! She went from learning to crawl, to taking her first tentative steps, to now running and pretending to gallop like a horse everywhere. She’s recently become absolutely horse crazy and carries her three favourite horse stuffies with her nearly everywhere she goes.


I started out the year by taking a course with one of my favourite photographers, Meg Loeks, and that course really shaped my personal work this year. I focused more on simple, everyday moments and really strived to both take a photo every day and also set up some more intentional photos with me in them as well. It really helped me have some creative direction with my photography especially with having to spend so much time again at home on our own and not seeing our friends and family for so much of the year.


The year was filled with several more vet visits for our fur babies and a surgery for Zappa. Both are doing better now, thankfully, but it made for some very stressful and taxing days.


River began daycare two days a week in the summer, which was way tougher on me than her! She loves her daycare and the friends she’s made there so we’re feeling extra grateful for that these days. I returned to working one day a week at Greenhawk and it’s been so nice to reconnect with the horse community.


Here’s a peek at how our year looked!


Thank you to Jesse Holland Photography for this family photo of us!