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2022 In Review– Personal Work

2022 was a year of highs and lows—as it sounds like it was for many of you.

I began the year as I always do by investing in my photography education and this year I took a Photoshop intensive course which was a great challenge and I learned a lot! I also had a few successes with entering photo contests—I came in second place in a Lensbaby contest with my black and white image of Zappa (noted below) and also second in the VOICE competition put on by Click Magazine each year with an image of my friend Jess’ beautiful horse (also below). I’ve been entering the VOICE contest for many years so this was a huge honour (over 40,000 entries in the contest this past year!) and it will appear in the print magazine this year.
I’ve continued to write a couple columns for Seaside Magazine and work my one shift a week at Greenhawk Vancouver Island, both of which I really enjoy and help me feel connected to the community.
River went from just starting to speak to telling us full on elaborate and sometimes dramatic stories by the end of the year. She continues to delight us every day and this blog post of my personal work is mostly a tribute to her as you’ll see. She began riding this year, at first up with me on Zappa and then on her own on Truffles the pony. She’s gone from needing support to hold her up, to sitting confidently without assistance at the walk.
The summer brought countless trips within BC and many a ferry ride adventure. Bryan and I were both a part of two of our best friends weddings which took us to Vancouver and Saltspring Island, and we enjoyed our annual weekend up at Sproat Lake with friends and family.
We also found out around this time that I was pregnant! It’s been a more challenging pregnancy than my first but we’re very excited to meet our second baby girl in early May 2023. If you’re looking to book in for a session in the spring, I’ll be working likely up until mid- late April and taking a short maternity leave until August.
Here’s a taste of some of my personal work from the past year. I hope you enjoy it and wishing everyone all the very best in 2023!

Image Below: Second Place Image in the Lensbaby Photo Contest “Something Magical” category

Image Below: Second Place in the VOICE competition “Unity” Category

My beautiful bouquets from my summer subscription with Flora and Fauna Farm

First self-portrait of baby #2

Thank you to Jesse Holland Photography for our wonderful family photo!